Traffic Case Review

On October 1, 2009 the Court changed case management programs.  The Court changed to Judicial Information System (JIS).  JIS was developed and is maintained by the Michigan Supreme Court.  
By switching to JIS, the Court has made available online all cases filed after 10/1/09 and a limited number of criminal/traffic cases filed prior to 10/1/09.  There is no cost to access our online services.  

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COURT CALENDAR  (all scheduled hearings)

Honorable Donald Allen, Jr.

Honorable Thomas P. Boyd

Magistrate Mark Blumer



PAYMENT OF FINES & COSTS (please read all information below)

* Civil Infractions only (note the court accepts credit card payments for misdemeanor offenses in person and over the telephone) 
* Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card only
* Payment must be made in full

A "civil infraction" is a non-criminal offense, such as a speeding ticket. There is no jail penalty for a civil infraction. Civil infractions are punished by monetary penalties, which include fines, court costs, and fees.

By using this online system to pay your ticket, you admit your responsibility for the civil infraction. If you want to admit responsibility but with an explanation, or want a court hearing, you must contact the court directly