The following are links to websites that you may find helpful:
 Courts    Laws, Rules & Opinions    U.S. Constitution
 55th District Court Records    Michigan Constitution    U.S. Code
 Ingham Circuit Court (30th Circuit)    Michigan Compiled Laws    U.S. Federal Regulations                
 54-A District Court (City of Lansing)    Michigan Public Acts    
 54-B District Court (City of East Lansing)    Michigan Administrative Code    
     Michigan Court Rules    
 Michigan Legal Help    Michigan Court of Appeals – Opinions    
     Michigan Supreme Court - Opinions    
 SUBSTANCE ABUSE RESOURCES **    Michigan Attorney General - Opinions    
 Ingham County Health Department    Michigan Appellate Digest    
 Resource Directory for Individuals and         
 Families Impacted by Substance Use    Departments & Agencies    
 Disorder (SUD)    Department of Corrections    
     Licensing & Regulatory Affairs    
Other Resources    Secretary of State    
     State Court Administrative Office    
Addiction Recovery Resources        
Alcohol Rehab Help        
Common Substance Use Disorders        
Drug Rehab - Rehab Spot        
Rehab Resources - Michigan        


** This is not an all-inclusive list of these types of resources, and appearance on this webpage as a resource should not be considered an endorsement from or recommendation by the 55th District Court.