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A complainant who files a summary proceeding action before July 25, 2020 under MCR 4.201 for possession of premises for nonpayment of rent also must submit verification indicating whether the property is exempt from the moratorium provided for under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), Public Law No. 116-136,CARES Act  The verification shall be made on  
 SCAO-approved form (DC 504 - Verification of Compliance with CARES Act.


The Civil Division of the Court receives and processes all filings for general civil claims up to $25,000.00, small claims up to $5,000.00, landlord/tenant evictions, land contract forfeiture, claim and delivery actions, and weddings.  The clerks are not allowed to give legal advice.  They merely accept your filings and the associated fee.   When appropriate, they schedule a hearing.  The procedures to be followed are contained in the Michigan Court Rules.  Any questions should be referred to your attorney.

Corporations must be represented by an attorney, except in the small claims division, where a corporation may be represented by an officer or full time employee who has direct and personal knowledge of the facts in dispute.  Partnerships may be represented by a general partner or full time employee who has direct and personal knowledge of the facts in dispute.

The court does not accept pleadings by FAX 

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Landlord Tenant/Land Contract Forfeiture 

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